The International TOSSD Task Force is an inclusive group of experts from provider countries, recipient countries and multilateral organisations that has been collectively developing TOSSD since 2017. The International TOSSD Task Force makes all documents publicly available, fully respecting the recommendation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda that, in July 2015, called for the development of TOSSD in an “open, inclusive and transparent manner”. This page provides details of the International TOSSD Task Force members, the meetings held, the documents discussed and the decisions taken.

Highlights from the 16th Task Force meeting

The International TOSSD Task force met virtually in April 2022 and discussed a wide range of topics. The Secretariat presented the draft proposal of the ToRs for a future international forum on TOSSD. In addition, members agreed to extend the current ToRs of the Task Force until July 2023 to assure the transition towards a clarified and formalised governance structure in 2023. The Secretariat presented the main issues that arose from the 2021 data collection, including some proposals for further refining the TOSSD Reporting Instructions. The Secretariat will continue bringing the difficult cases for discussion at the Task Force. Members also agreed to develop a broader list of TOSSD recipients but some fundamental discussion on the method would need to be carried out. The Secretariat will carry out discussions with some members to move the discussion forward ahead of the following Task Force meeting. Other topics discussed included data anonymization in specific crises, and the implementation of the sustainability filter in TOSSD. Detailed action points are available here.

What does the International TOSSD Task Force do?

The International TOSSD Task Force was created in July 2017 and currently has 27 members and 8 observers. The participants are statistical and development policy experts from provider countries, recipient countries and multilateral organisations. The International TOSSD Task Force established the first version of the TOSSD methodology in 2019, illustrated in the document “TOSSD Reporting Instructions”, and continues to work on its further development.

For these processes, the International TOSSD Task Force consults experts on specific issues for example on peace & security and communicable diseases. The Civil Society community also participates in the Task Force as an observer.


Task Force members


  • European Union
    • Mr Laurent Sarazin
  • South Africa
    • Mr Risenga Maluleke


  • Bangladesh
    • Dr Md. Rezaul Bashar Siddique
  • Brazil
    • Mr Marcio L. Correa (ABC – Brazil)
    • Mr José Eduardo Malta de Sá Brandão (IPEA)
    • Ms. Denise Kronemberger (IBGE)
  • Burkina Faso
    • Mr Windbenedo Jean Marie Kebre
    • Mr Kassoum Bikienga
  • Chile
    • Mr Enrique O’Farrill-Julien
    • Mr Marco Ibarra
    • Mr Marco Fernandez
  • Colombia
    • Ms Karen Lizeth Chavez Quintero
    • Mr Edgar Andrés Rodríguez Duran
  • Costa Rica
    • Ms Saskia Rodriguez
  • Canada
    • Mr Maher Mamhikoff
  • Denmark
    • Ms Betina Vorsøe Andersen
    • Ms. Anne Marie Tyndeskov Voetmann
  • Egypt
    • Mrs Reem Mohamed El Sebaie
  • European Union
    • Mr Jérôme Le Roy
    • Ms Elise Hadman
  • France
    • Mr Duncan Toulon
  • Gabon
    • Mr Jean Nestor Nguema Mebane
  • Ghana
    • Ms Marian Kpakpah
  • Indonesia
    • Ms Ibu Vivi Yulaswati
    • Ms Ibu Rd Siliwanti
  • Japan
    • Mr Ginga Kobayashi
  • Nigeria
    • Dr Pius O. Osunyikanmi
    • Mr Mohammed Shehu
  • Philippines
    • Mr Claire Dennis S. Mapa
    • Ms Rosalinda Bautista
    • Ms Wilma A. Guillen
  • Senegal
    • Mr Insa Sadio
  • South Africa
    • Mr Pali Jobo Lehohla
  • Sweden
    • Ms Magda Berhe
  • Timor Leste
    • Ms Felicia Carvalho
  • Tunisia
    • Mr Mohamed Frigui
  • United Kingdom
    • Ms Victoria Hernon
  • United States
    • Ms Joan Atherton
    • Mr Nathan Anderson
    • Ms Kimberly Smith

International organisations

  • IADB
    • Ms Amy Lewis
  • IsDB
    • Mr Areef Suleman
    • H.E. Mr Nebil Dabur / Mr Atilla Karaman

Observers to the Task Force

  • Austria
    • Austrian Development Agency - Mr. Sigrid Breddy
    • Foreign Ministry of Austria - Mr. Michael Milosits
  • CAITEC – People's Republic of China
    • Ms Mao Xiaojing
  • CSO representatives
    • Mr Luca De Fraia
    • Mr Brian Tomlinson
    • Ms Jennifer del Rosario-Malonzo
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – Germany
    • Mr Thomas Piesch
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Romania
    • Ms Diana-Laura Ionita
  • NORAD – Norway
    • Ms Katrine Heggedal
  • Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) – Mexico 
    • Mr Gerardo Bracho Carpizo
    • Ms Fabiola Soto Narváez
  • Ministry of Economic Development – Russian Federation (suspended)

Latest video

Mr. Jean Nestor Nguema Mebane - Gabon perspective on TOSSD

Mr. Jean Nestor Nguema Mebane - Deputy Director-General of Statistics in the Ministry of Economics and Finance of Gabon- shares his country perspective on TOSSD at the Task Force meeting in Pretoria, February 2020.

Meeting documents